Buying & Selling Large Models


Guidance for the Sale or Purchase of Over 20kg Models

Purchasing Over 20kg Models

When considering purchasing a model which is over 20kg you should ensure that it has a Certificate of Design and Construction. If there is not one or it is not complete then you should check that the model has been registered with the over 20kg Scheme. If the seller can not provide any evidence of this then you can check on the exemption list found “here” or email the Chief Examiner for the Over 20kg Scheme. Please note that any model over 20kg and not just LMA members models must be registered with the scheme. If you have any doubts about the weight of the model or the seller says that it is just under 20kg, you are strongly advised to weigh it. If it is over 20kg and has no associated paperwork you will be breaking the law if you fly it and it may be difficult to retrospectively inspect it to make it legal.

Assuming you do purchase the model you will need to apply for a new Certificate of Design and Construction with your name on it. If you have purchased an airframe only or intend to change any part of the model, for example, put in a different engine or change the radio system, you may need to have the model re-inspected before a Certificate of Design and Construction can be issued. Be especially careful about changing a model weighing just under 20kg as the changes may take it over 20kg.

Once you have the Certificate of Design and Construction in your name you will need to apply for an Exemption to Test from the CAA. The procedure from this point is the same as if you had built the model yourself and details can be found “here“.

“It must be clear that you can not operate a model weighing more than 20kg legally unless you are holding all of the correct paperwork and it is in your name.”


Selling Over 20kg Models

If you sell a model weighing over 20kg it is strongly recommended that you contact the Chief Examiner for the Over 20kg Scheme to advise that the aircraft has been sold so that your name can be removed from the register so that if there is any incident with the model in future you will not be called to account.

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