This site is operated by the elected committee of the LMA and contains up to the minute information. The committee are dedicated to improving all aspects of the association and helping it’s members to achieve their dreams in building and flying large model aircraft.

The LMA was formed in the UK in 1982 to represent to the CAA and other bodies, the views and concerns of those who fly large models and to bring together those who share a common interest in them. You will find many fellow modellers within the association only too pleased to pass on good friendly advice. It is the only organisation specifically devoted to this branch of our hobby and is recognised by the Civil Aviation Authority as the specialist in the field.

The LMA produces a journal, which is distributed free to all it’s members several times a year, this is full of interesting articles, technical advice, reports and modelling news.

The Association regards large model flying as a hobby and recreation, not a competitive sport. We do feel however, that our hobby will be threatened if it becomes a nuisance or a danger in the mind of the public or aviation authorities. Therefore, we are concerned about safety and hence about competence in building and flying large models.

Flying large model aircraft presents many challenges not present or as acute as when operating smaller models. The LMA, BMFA and the CAA have been concerned for some time to ensure that both pilot standards and model airworthiness are adequate. It is therefore imperative that anyone wishing to build or operate a model that is expected to be near or over 20 Kg first discusses the project with our Chief Examiner and Safety Officer, further details can be found here.

The scheme is not restricted to LMA members only, although the LMA operates this national inspection scheme it has the full backing of all the other Model Associations including the BMFA and also the Civil Aviation Authority. It represents the best solution to the hobbyist of being able to attain the CAA exemption certificate which is a legal requirement for flying in the UK.

We hope you enjoy looking at this website, it acts as a window on our hobby. If you are not already a member, why not come and join us?

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