LMA Insurance

One of the benefits of LMA membership is the insurance that is provided. This is a third party Public Liability policy, that covers all LMA members when they are flying in the UK (non-UK members are covered when flying at LMA organised events).

The LMA membership card give a summary of the cover, along with guidelines of what must be reported, and what to do in the event of a claim,or potential claim.


LMA Merchandise

The LMA has a range of branded clothing that is available for sale at events around the country on the LMA Tradestand or online in the LMA Shop.

Large model trainers are available and the Greenly / Lowley family of designs are available for free download.



Detailing Your Scale Model

After a plea by our webmaster Dave Parry for some new material for the website, I thought it time to make the effort and hopefully by doing so, could maybe pass on some tips on detailing your scale subject. Sadly, with the advent of ARTF models, traditional building has suffered greatly and we could become a dying breed, but I`m glad to say that there are a large number of LMA members who still pursue the art of building and turn out some magnificent scale models.

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