2.4GHz Report

Information on 2.4GHz use for over 20Kg models (18/8/2008)

The LMA are pleased to announce that we have now been given the go ahead by the CAA for the installation of 2 X 2.4Ghz Rx systems in Over 20kg models.
Over the next few days Inspectors will be issued with Guidance Notes correlated from our trials programme and contributions from distributors of these systems in the UK.
As an interim measure the applications for projects using these systems will be closely vetted to ensure that installations are to the highest standard. Anyone wishing to change an existing model will need to have the installation inspected, a new Certificate of Construction & Design issued and more importantly conduct another test flight programme.
Any questions or queries on this aspect should be addressed either to myself or Dave Johnson (Chairman)

The above statement was issued by Tony Hooper on Thursday, 24. July 2008 20:00 via posting 804 on the forum.

Key Issues you need to remember when changing to 2.4

As part of our monitoring process on 2.4 Ghz developments we would like to draw your attention to an Advisory Bulletin concerning Futaba FS 6514 Receivers. To access this information go to www.Hobbieco.com

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