Gaydon 2010

GAYDON 2010 By Tony Hooper, All Photographs were provided by Neil Hutchinson

HMC_logoNow in it’s third year the Large Model Association’s Static and Trade Show at Gaydon has become one of the most prestigious events in the LMA calendar. A great deal of this is attributable to the central location of the venue which is served by the country’s main motorways, the quality standard of the exhibition areas, and the increasing trade presence. Another important factor is the quality of the static exhibitions which are not confined purely to the very large models but cover the whole spectrum (excuse the pun!) of model aircraft build’s and types. Once again there was a very good representation of models from some of the local BMFA clubs and this helped to retain the balance of the exhibits.

All this has resulted in an excellent attendance , not only from LMA members, but an increasing number of BMFA members who are given the same discount on production of their BMFA membership card. As someone remarked to me during the day “Where else would me and my mate be able to attend the largest Motor Museum collection in Europe and enjoy all that the LMA has to offer at this location for 3 quid each!! The event also had an excellent attendance from the modelling press this year so keep an eye on those winter issues!

After a few complaints last year we improved the car parking arrangements and increased the number of pay booths so this year parking and paying went “as smooth as clockwork” This year we also took on additional space in the Exhibition Centre which enabled us to give the traders a little more room but still maintain the 100 aircraft exhibits that we have been proud to accommodate over the last 2 years. It was just as well because the Dawn Patrol turned up in force with 21 models this year , most of them completed , but some in various stages of construction. I must admit I was rather relieved that the 30 Dawn Patrol models that Dave Tappin told me would be coming did not quite materialise but congratulations to Dave and his team who put on an excellent display which had very good feedback from the audience.

It was also good to see some of the Jet Modellers Association members exhibiting this year – the Hawker Hunter of Geoff White was absolutely stunning – they have asked if they can come back in larger numbers next year – yes please! Whilst on the subject of jets a special thank you must be given to Terry Lee and his team who braved the outside elements to give demonstrations of jet running all day to a very appreciative audience. We should also thank Andy Johnson ( no – not the Liverpool Andy Johnson) who demonstrated the live running of his radial engine and Alan who brought along his own design four stroke model engine. There was naturally a great deal of interest shown in the large models which included Ted Allison’s Lightning which has now started it’s test flying programme. Ted had some video available to enable those who were interested to see it flying – naturally this created a great deal of interest. Also in the same area was Dave Johnson’s Vulcan, now beginning to take shape, Andy Johnson’s Valiant which should be completed in time for 2011 season, Terry Mason and his team from Stockport with their VC 10 which included demonstrations of the “fowler” flap “worm gear” mechanism.

Travelling all the way from Weymouth in Dorset was Don Billingham with his HP W10 which has been a regular on the 2010 LMA show scene, and his Airspeed Envoy. Whilst on the subject of large models the 60% scale (yes that’s right 60%!) Yak 54 of Robbie Skipton made the room it was “hangared“ in look quite small. Robbie brought it along so that Dave Johnson and myself could carry out the Final Inspection. With a wing span of nearly 5 metres and a 3w 400cc Boxer Twin this should prove an awesome sight at next seasons shows. One of the advantages of this event is that the attendees can get “close up and personal“ to these large models and their pilots. This is something that is difficult to do over the “flight line” fence at public flying shows. Amongst the models on the “club” stands was the fuselage and “tail feathers” of Brian Hutchinson’s ¼ scale Mosquito. Brian builds to an excellent standard, so much so, that people commented that he should not paint his beautifully finished glass cloth fuselage!! Brian has promised a build article for the LMA Journal in the near future.

We were also pleased to see that Harry Harland’s table top was always busy with a large crowd who were fascinated by Harry’s skill with litho plating. He even made some “to order” on the spot while the customer waited – now that’s real service! It would be impossible to write about all the excellent models present so we will let the pictures tell the story – if you came to this event we hope you enjoyed it – if you didn’t I hope this gives a flavour of what you missed. Next years event at Gaydon is already booked for 23rd October 2011 – be there!

Please click image to enlarge.

The Dawn Patrol cramming them into every available space

Terry Mason and his team from Stockport with their VC 10 which included demonstrations of the “fowler” flap “worm gear” mechanism.

Model detailing at its best, what a talented bunch they are.

Below are some of the remaining models that were on show for the general public

And let’s not forget the support once again from the traders

Don’t forget next years event at Gaydon is already booked for 23rd October 2011 – be there!


The LMA’s Gaydon Show Entrance Guardian, Andy

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