Haigh Hall 2002

The first event of the year is a seminar at which members are invited to show their finished or partially-built models.The day gives modellers the opportunity to meet and talk about their current projects. Here are some of the sights from this year’s event.


Keith Mitchell gave a tutorial on the installation of radio equipment in large model aircraft.


Chris Gale standing next to his recently flown 50% Cub. Powered by a 3W 150cc engine.


A very nice Lockheed F-104 Starfighter from Ted Cooke. This Italian Air force model weighs 22lbs and has a Jet Cat 1120 turbine.

The ‘Serpent’ is owned by Ian Dobson


Dave Horton presents his new Northrop. The model is based on a 1954 free flight flying wing plan. It is powered by a Saito 130cc twin. Now test flown.


The fabulous welded steel tube structure of a 33% scale Swordfish under construction.


Arthur Searl’s Shorts Sicon. This 25% scale model has a wingspan of 10ft 6ins, weighs 29lb and is powered by two Tartan 22cc engines. Construction shown in last year’s report, now ready to fly.


Ted Allison’s Harvard is progressing well. This is 33% scale and will have a wingspan of 14′ and length 9′ 8". It is expected to weigh 86lbs and will be powered by a 3W-140 boxer twin (Vegas).


A Cap by Graphic Designs


Andy Johnson with his newly acquired electric powered B52. The model has eight ducted fans. It was built by Chris Gold.


John Greenfield clearly shows the size of the fuselage of his new just over 50% Me262.


Pat Dare’s Henschel HS129. This is 20% full-size and is based on a plane used against the Russian Front. Model has a wingspan of 112", weighs 36lb and is powered by two laser 160s.


The structure of a conventionally built Brandenburg W29 two seat 1918 fighter by Phil Guy. The wing is 10′ 8" long and the fuselage length is 8′ 2".


Andy Aitkin’s 13% scale DC3 built from the Nick Zeroli plan. The cockpit is particularly interesting as it has lights. Not yet flown.

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