Haigh Hall 2005

A great way to start the year is a visit to Haigh Hall. This year, the event was held on Sunday 22nd February. There was a wide selection of built and part-built models on display accompanied by a good trade presence. A unique feature of this event is series of seminars that are provided free of charge for all. This year, we had three very interesting talks. If you weren’t there, don’t miss this event next year, it has become a great LMA tradition and is a truly unique day out.

The Hall was positively overflowing with the large variety of models. The pictures below represent just a fraction of what could be seen.


Here is one of two13% scale B-17Gs being built by Andy Johnson, Phil Robertshaw, Phil Cummings, Tommy Threlkeid, Ian Porter and Richie Robertson. When finished they should weigh around 120lb, being powered by four Zenoah 38cc engines.

They will join the squadron of ones already on the display circuit. In my view, the more the merrier!


Sticking with models of the WWII era, here is a fabulous model of a DC-3. This one is to be added to the USAAF’s display. In fact, there were a good selection of WWII models present…..


“Boris” is a 20% scale model of a Heinkel HE111. This has been scratch built by Karl Mander. With a wingspan of 15ft it weighs 110lb and is powered by two Zenoah 62cc engines.


Keeping the theme going, here is a Junkers JU52, nick named “Iron Annie”. This is 17% scale with a wingspan of 16′ 8″. It belongs to Mike Eccles. This again uses Zenoah engines, this time two at 38cc. The model was built using traditional construction techniques and covered with corrugated cardboard.


Now for something different, very different! John Greenfield brought along his new own designed “Stealth”. With a wingspan of 1.05m the model weighs 7kg being powered by a AMT Turbine. John told me this model was fast, err very fast! It doesn’t look like a good idea to blink when flying this, the frontal area is very small.


John also brought along this Grumman Panther. With a wingspan of 2m it weighs 8.2kg and again is powered by an AMT Turbine.


We always have fantastic weather for this event enabling some models to be displayed outside (just as well since this event is so popular that the hall was full!).

Here is Dough’s Speedster.


The range of model brought along is always huge. Here is a model of a Stinson Reliant SR9. This has been built by Harry Harlad form a Topflight kit and is 20% scale. This is powered by one of those very popular Zenoah engines again, this time 26cc capacity.


I like the old timer models. This Bleriot built by that irreplaceable old timer himself, Arthur Searl.


Here we have a 25% model of an Anderson Kingfisher. This is being built by K. Routledge and will be powered by an OS 120 glow engine.


Now time for some airliners. Here we have Dave Johnson’s Airbus ready for painting.


Andy Johnson is also building one to make a pair flying at the shows. His is slight behind in the build process.


Now back to military jets. These are really increasing in popularity with LMA members. Every size is now being built. Beautifully built, here are two of the smaller ones..


and how about this wonderfully finished model.


On the larger size, Keith Mitchell’s Hunter is progressing well, probably due to his recent retirement.


Next to it was this wonderfully constructed MIG 29 UD constructed by Harold Dowbekin to a scale of 21%. The quality of the structure and the glassed surface finish has to be seen to be really appreciated.


The final Jet powered model that everyone was interested in was the new B52 by Gordon Nichols. How sad that just a few weeks after this photograph was taken it was totally destroyed on its first test flight.


The event at Haigh Hall is more than about just looking at models though. There was also a good selection of trade present and here you can see Neil Whitfield working hard on our behalf taking membership applications and selling the merchandise we had available.


Every year there are some great talks that people can intend. This year there were three quite different, but equally presentations by..

  1. John Greenfield on a cheap, but very effective glass cloth covering method. He demonstrated the use of 1/2oz per sqr yard cloth being used with G4 pond sealer (yes you did read that correct!). Very little sealer is used to create a perfectly flat finish. John showed how simple the method is. I must admit he convinced me to have a go at this myself.
  2. The second talk was given by John, from Overlander, he gave an interesting talk about the latest batteries. A technology rapidly changing; more capacity, smaller size.
  3. The star presenter though was our guest speaker, BAe test pilot John Turner. He gave a fascinating talk using slides and video on the test flying of the Nimrod. He also discussed how a display flying sequence is planned and practiced. This was obviously highly relevant for the ‘show pilots’ amongst the audience.

This final photograph shows John Turner being presented by Dave Johnson.

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