Southport Symposium 2011

Southport (an LMA supported event) Report by Dave Parry, All Photographs were provided by Dave Parry

Southport Air Show 2011, what a great weekend, I arrived at the beach on Saturday morning (after being messed about with the security, ‘jobs worth’) at around 7am, Ken Ritchie and the Parker brothers, Nigel & Simon, where already on site along with a few other LMA members, Doug Rigby had already been flying from around 6am that morning I was told, ‘no surprise there then’, the sky was blue and a light breeze was coming off the sea in the distance, I don’t believe it, the weather forecasters had got it right for once.

After having a cuppa and a biscuit, we started to drag out a few of the models that had been stored in the marquee over night, slowly one by one the models where filled up ready to fly, no one seemed in too much of a hurry to get started. By this time a few members of the public started to come up to the barrier fence at the side of the marquee, first up to fly was Simon Parker with, (I am sorry to say I am not well up on these planes) what looked like an edge 540 type, the pictures might give you a better clue. Following him was Doug Rigby with his Citabria. While Doug was entertaining the few members of the public (that were mad enough to be here at this god forsaken time) showing off his flying skills Andy Johnson and a few of the Liverpool club members turned up and started off-loading their models. Next to fly was Dave Johnson, with the Bleriot, this 60% scale model delighted the ever growing crowed as he side slipped it down the runway, Doug Rigby was back in the air again this time with a lovely little mustang which set the scene for the next slot with Andy Johnson and his Wellington and Phil Robertshaw with the Heinkel HE111. Many more took to the skies as the morning moved on with Jets, aerobatic, Cub’s etc… Before we knew it is was nearly time for the full size to take centre stage but not before Dave Johnson showed the Crowd how to beat up the sky with Ken Ritchie’s Harvard.

Sunday started with the weather a little cooler, cloudier and a stronger breeze, but never the less the same crew where here again throwing their models around the sky for the general public to enjoy, with the odd interruption from the full size light aircraft wanting to land and park up for the day (how dare they interrupt us flying). There was one exception to the Saturday models list and that was Dave Johnson’s baby Vulcan, ‘as we have affectionately named it’, this stunning model used to belong to Rob Greenwood who has just built a 17ft Lancaster, Rob was in attendance and ended up helping Dave get this model set up and in the air, the crowds love it, it even got a mention from the full size commentators as they couldn’t believe their eyes, ‘in their words’, we could see the Vulcan but we couldn’t hear it, it was only then we realised it was a model, what can I say, we fooled them for a minute or two that’s for sure. After flying all morning on both days we had a ring side seat for the full size show in the afternoons, what more could you want? I just hope my pathetic attempt of taking pictures does do this event some justice.

If you have never been to this event, well you are missing a great weekend the whole of Southport’s sea front gets turned in to an aviation village there is absolutely loads to do for you and your kids and you even get to fly your models for a couple of hours, its a modellers heaven.

If you fancy supporting this event next year, then Ken Ritchie is your man.


Simon Parker

Please click image to enlarge.

Dough Rigby with his Citabria.

Dave Johnson, with the 60% scale Bleriot.


Dough Rigby’s Mustang

Rob Greenwood’s Yak54

Ken Ritchie’s 1/3 scale Cub

Dave Johnson showed the Crowed how to beat up the sky with Ken Ritchie’s Harvard.

Phil Robertshaw with the Heinkel HE111

The Baby Vulcan, what can I say, we fooled them for a minute or two that’s for sure.

The afternoon entertainment

So there you have it, Just look what you missed, what a great weekend.

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