Binham Fly-in Autumn 2006

A report and photographs by ‘The Bard’ and Dave Dowling.

After a long summer of working at the shows, I decided that I needed a break and do some flying myself so it was decided to have an autumn break at Andrew and Beverley’s lovely venue at Binham in Norfolk.

The great thing about this fly-in is there are no restrictions on when you can turn up or leave, although us working types can’t afford too long a break! I decided to go on the Wednesday, which afforded me time to relax, do some flying on my own before too many people turned up for the Sunday bash, as this particular event is not strictly an LMA one and is open to the club members that fly there.

I had a gaggle of models I wanted to fly from my old favourite “Wot 4” to my untried ex Aviator Greenley, which was a plan and wing kit I had bought a couple of years ago. I let Colin Hammond have it whereby he built it and did it in “Trotters Airline” livery, I then bought it back when Colin was having a clearout!

I also took a Goldberg Super Chipmunk that I like, a Kyosho Spitfire that I have never flown, a ¼ scale Sig Spacewalker that I have fitted a Zenoah 26 to and needed testing, and a ¼ scale Super Cub that I have only had two flights with. So I was well armed to do some flying!

Thursday was a bit on the windy side, so Colin Hammond, Dick Whittington and myself decided to go to Fakenham’s market day and a have a browse. I must admit, when I go away, I love visiting all the country towns, soaking in their beautiful buildings and their history. Who needs to go abroad when we have so many lovely places to see in this country. Unless you are fortunate enough to have enough money to spend your time touring, most ordinary people don’t see much outside their own environment! Anyway, that evening it was down to the local pub to sample their cuisine and down a couple of pints.

Friday was a little calmer so it was decided to get the Greenley out and have a go of this big machine in the air. I say big, coz its bigger than my little "Wot 4" and Chipmunk that I have been used to flying!

Common sense always rules with me and flying, so once filled up Colin took her up for a test flight and trim check, then it was my turn for a go on the sticks whilst still airborne, with Colin and Dick co-piloting me around the circuit till I got the feel of it. I am also rather new to flying models with petrol engines, which I now realise are much more reliable to operate than the “finger crossing” Methanol variety!

On my second flight I opted to do a landing, something I always enjoy and find challenging, after hundreds of dead stick jobbies you get quite good at it! This flights conclusion was testimony to my philosophy I managed to get a clean smooth landing with her. (Big Ed!)

So now I only had the R.O.G. to contend with, which was not as hairy as you might sometimes expect, but quite a smooth affair, which is testament to the good design of this aircraft by John Greenfield. I must say I have fallen in love with this model; it has no vices and is a dream to fly, and the stall? It hasn’t got one it just sits floating in the air and gently sinks; now I know why Emily Hooper is always flying hers.

After a couple of days of flying the Greenley it was time I took my test and as John Greenfield was there on Saturday I decided to ask him, because John being John, no one would ever query his decision and if you were lousy, he’d tell you! And to cut a long boring story about me short ……… I passed!! (Big Ed!)

Saturday night a load of us (including John) decided to go to Wells for some fish and chips at “Frenchies” where they serve their superbly cooked “chippy” cuisine, lovely and fresh as though it had just come out of the sea. We went and sat on the harbour wall and munched our superb dinner. Then it was back to camp, put a DVD of Cosford on and down a few beers, courtesy of John.

Sunday dawned and it was “Showtime” for the locals, quite a few more LMA members turned up to fly including Ivan Jordan and Steve Foxton. What a turnout, the pits area was packed with loads of beautiful models. Unfortunately, I forgot my memory card for my camera, so Dave Dowling offered to take some pictures for me; many thanks for saving my bacon!!

Here are the pics….

A general view of who was there.

John Greenfield acts as test pilot for this Nick Zirolli Dac.

All seemed to go well in flight.

Spitfire in action.

Glen Master’s flew a nice "large scale" Triplane….

… well almost large. Nice one Glen!

Great weekend, (and a bit) now I’m desperately looking forward to next year already!

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