Annual meeting with the CAA 2011

Each year there is a meeting between representatives of the modelling community and the CAA to discuss topics of interest and review recent activities.
Contained below are notes from recent meetings as penned by Tony Hooper MBE.

The Chairman, Rob Buckley and myself had our annual meeting with the CAA yesterday . The BMFA, SAA, and BARCS, were also in attendance. The issues discussed relating to the LMA were as follows:-

Audit of Over 20kg Scheme
Once again we have been given a “clean bill of health” on our paperwork and control systems. We were able to report that most Over 20kg models had now been successfully changed to 2.4 Ghz using the protocol procedures agreed last year.

Issue of 3 year Exemptions
We asked them to consider that 3 year Exemptions should be issued when some of the first batch of 2 year issues expired in April 2012. They have taken this away for consideration.

Certificate of Design and Construction Dry Weight
We raised , once again, the anomaly about our Certificate of Construction and Design weight being based on 20kg dry when most European countries used the 25kg wet weight as the criteria. It was explained that this would require a parliamentary change of the Air Navigation Order which would be a long process but our request would be kept under review.

CAP 658 changes to “Pure Glider” Exemptions
We were able to report that 9 gliders had now been registered and inspected under the new “pure glider” regulations that would be introduced when the new CAP 658 was issued. All the paperwork had been completed and registered owners would receive their application paperwork as soon as the CAP 658 was published. Several Inspectors had been appointed from the gliding community to assist with this task both now, and for the future.

Model Show Inspections
One of the LMA events – East Kirkby – had been inspected during 2011 and there were no issues arising

Public Show Exemption Fees
The CAA informed us that the scale of charges for the issue Public Show Exemptions had still not been published so for the season of 2012 there would be no charges for their issue. A very pleasant surprise as we were told last year that charges would definitely be applicable in 2012!

Aero Tow sites
Last year a number of our members were interested in the proposal to enhance the promulgation of aero tow sites on GA ½ mill maps. At this moment in time very few clubs have applied through the BMFA for official BMFA/CAA aero tow site recognition. It was agreed that the BMFA would give greater publicity during 2012 to this facility.

Olympic Airspace
There will be quite a few changes involving the temporary expansion of controlled airspace in Southern England during the period of the Olympics in 2012. This may affect the operation of model flying clubs within the area of these airspace changes. The CAA will shortly publicise information about these changes to the BMFA, LMA, and the SAA so that the information can be cascaded to the model flying community.

Tony Hooper
LMA CAA Liaison Officer

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