Electric Models

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The construction of electrically powered models has become very popular over the last few years. This section of the website shows some of the models flown by LMA members.


10ft span B-17
converted to electric

Martin Collins (3005)


This is my 10ft span B-17 which i converted to electric as i no longer fly glow (too messy and ruins the finish on a plane!),it is fitted with AXI 4120/14 motors with 12×8 3 blade vario props (you can alter the pitch), they are powered by 5 a123 cells per motor, the speed controllers are HiModel units. Two of the motors i already had and the other two were sourced from ebay, the batteries came from 2 Dewalt drill power packs from the American Ebay site, each pack contained 10 cells which i then split into 2 `B-17 flight packs`. These a123 cells can be fast charged at upto 8 amps giving a charge time of just 20 mins and unlike lipos don`t self destruct! Cost breakdown for the conversion is used motors £50 each, 20 a123 cells £150, 4 speed controllers £100 and varioprops £100, this was offset by selling the 4-strokes at £50 each.

All up weight is the same as when it was i.c with .52 four strokes which is 32lbs. It was built from the RCM&E plan several years ago by Steve Ogden and is a lovely flier and well suited to the electric set up. It is painted in the colours of `Double Trouble` which flew from Rougham during WW2, i had much delight in flying her from there at an LMA fly in day during which i took and passed my LMA proficiency test with her

Andy Johnson’s York seen at the Catton show in 1995. This model has a wingspan of 10 ft and was designed and built by Roy Salter. The model is powered by 4 Multiplex 600 motors with 3:1 gearboxes driving 12″x8″ props wired in series to four Sanyo, eight cell, 2400mAh packs. Flight time is around 10 minutes. Note the lack of an undercarriage; the model uses a dolly to take-off.

a10Here is a model of an A10 Warthog powered by electric ducted fans. The model is 17% scale with a wingspan of 3m. It is a really excellently finished and detailed model complete with flaps, retracts and bomb release. The motors used are Plettenburg HP300/40/AS2 driving Aeronaut Turbo 400 120mm fans. The batteries used are Thunderpower 10sLiPo 6000mA to provide 36V to each motor. These produce 56A at take off and between 25-40A in-flight. This produces a thrust of 16lb. The model is of built-up construction and covered with CT500 glass cloth. total model weight is 13kg. (Cosford 2005)

Just look at the effort that went into producing the cockpit. This is no run of the mill electric model! (Cosford 2005)

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