Catton 2010

LMA Catton 2010 Tony Hooper, Photography provided by Neil Hutchinson

“the show was a tremendous success”

The Midlands Large Model Flying Group that operate from Catton Hall have been in a similar position to Much Marcle as far as show cancellations due to bad weather are concerned so it was a very brave decision to have this show a week following the Much Marcle event. Fortunately, despite some rather poor weather conditions leading up to the show date, the weather over the whole weekend – particularly on Sunday – was excellent and the show was a tremendous success. This year the show was held at a new site which enabled the flying area to be dedicated to flying and the field adjacent to it to accommodate the traders, campers, public car park, and a very wide range of other activities which provided “all round” family entertainment.

This latter aspect of the show attracted a large number of people from the local area who not only enjoyed the flying aspect of the show but also took advantage of viewing classic cars, steam trains, military vehicles, and a large number of other attractions including children’s rides. All of this gave it a “Woodvale atmosphere” which helps to cater for a public with a wider range of interest rather than a flying model show – perhaps this is something we should think about for the future at some of our other more local LMA events. Fortunately, there were no perceptible frequency problems at this site but some modellers on the 35Mhz frequency preferred to be cautious and only put their models on display rather than risk flying them. So this event ended the LMA outdoor show season for 2010 in a very successful manner and the LMA Events Team now have the opportunity for a well deserved winter rest – well almost – please don’t forget the increasingly successful LMA static display and trader show at Gaydon on Sunday 24th October.

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Catton’s Show, this year was held at a new site and was a tremendous success.

Well the last flying show of the season and we finally got all four trainers together, the Greenly, Lowley, Genesis & Sky-120.


Roger Bale

The man himself showing us all you’re never too old.

Roger has always been a strong supporter of the LMA shows and once again has been to most of them this year.

Here you see him with his Hawker Hind

Talking of supporters you don’t get better then these.

The Yorkshire Old Farts

You will see them at every show, every year, and will always fly even when the weather isn’t too kind for those with lightly loaded models

Here you see Harry Harland, Tony Woodhouse and Paul Crawshaw.

Heston Phoenix is owned and flown by Derek Martin, another beautifully detailed model.

HP 42, Alf Machin

This plane has been on the show circuit for a number of years. It used to come to Rufforth every year for the annual dust off and check over. Members used to spend hours in the evening setting up the four very different 2 stroke engines just to see if it would finally get enough test flights in, then as it lifted off the ground there would be cheers all round.

Ahh! those were the days.

Alf’s plane now has four petrol engines and has been flown by Dave Johnson at most shows this year.

Rumour has it, that Alf is building a bigger one, he does love this plane

That Catton lot do love their dogfights Coming home after managing to shake off the enemy Better luck next time

Corsair, Trevor Woods

This model deserves a mention, the detailing is stunning, the sound of the radial engine makes it so realistic you have to hear it to believe it.

There have been some stunning warbirds on the show circuit this year and we hope to feature more of them over the next show season, but this has got to rank as one of the best.

Spitfire, Phil Atherton, It hurts me to say this but it does look good ( I am never going to hear the end of this now)
Spitfire, Brian Hutchinson

Dave Orme’s all electric Lancaster, it really does look the part.

Bede, Dave Johnson

Our Chairman does get around and has a variety of models that he flies not all belonging to him mind, many members just like to build and let someone else do the flying, although Dave loves flying he does admit it is sometimes a punishing schedule at some of the shows, (but he loves it really).

Here is a rare shot of him carrying one of his model back, remember you saw it here first.

Team Gee Bee, were once again in attendance. This group of modellers lead by Glen Masters has been entertaining the crowds all season. “Well done”


No show would be complete without them.

Above Extra 260 Robbie Skipton, Above right Extra 260, Steve Gare To the left Sukhoi SU29, Simon Wright To the right Extra 260, Simon Wright

1938 King’s Cup winner Mew Gull, owned and flown by Keith Poulter.

Graupner Harpoon, Andy Johnson Cessna , Ken Ritchie Hellcat, Brian Hutchinson

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