Cosford 2001

This is the largest of the ‘Big 5’ shows and was held on 14th-15th July. The show was of the usual high standard and an excellent success. The weather forecast had been for heavy rain showers on Saturday, but these did not materialise despite the occasional threatening looking sky. Many families came for a day out as did modellers from clubs all around the country.

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Here you can see the crowd line as viewed from the commentary position from the top of the DB Sound van.

One hundred and fourteen aircraft were booked to fly at the show. The flying slots were ten minutes duration to give the public a wide range of aircraft types to watch. In addition there were many trade stands and free admission to the fabulous RAF Museum and Visitor Centre. DB Sound gave the commentary in the usual factual and friendly style. On Sunday we were treated to a fly past of the famous Red Arrows.

The pictures below give an idea of the types of aircraft flown. There was a wide range representing aerobatic, commercial and aircraft from both world wars.

Commercial Aircraft

Aerobatic aircraft

This year the LMA invited a team from Belgium to fly at the show. This 56% scale Sukhoi 26m has a wingspan of 4.3m, length of 3.5m and weighs 60kg. It is powered by a Hirth Boxer of 400cc. The propeller is a hand carved Luc Uystersprot 42″x16″. The aircraft was constructed by Francois Tanghe (behind the aircraft) and took approximately 2500 hrs. It is flown by Ludo Luyten (holding the propeller). The aircraft first flew in February 1999 and has had approximately 40 flights.

Doug Rigby holds Jeff Pearson’s 50% scale Jungmeister. Powered by a converted 120cc Gokart engine.


Dave and Greg Hayfield with the 50% Stolp Starduster Too. Powered by a 342cc Weslake engine. Weighs 62kg, wingspan 12ft.

Our friends from Belgium also brought along a 50% scale Christian Eagle. Powered by a Weslake 342cc engine.

World War I Category


Gordon Whitehead (left) with his 33% scale Avro 504. The wingspan is 144″ and it is powered by a Quadra 100cc engine.


The 50% scale (pre war) Sopworth is owned by Ian Turney-White and the 33% scale Avro 504 by Gordon Whitehead.


Up to 14 WWI 25% scale aircraft were flying at one time in this unique flying slot.


Ian Turney-White’s 50% scale Nieuport 28 coming in for a landing.

World War II Category


Fred Jackson starts the Helldiver. Powered by a 3W140.


Steve Thomas gets his Yak11 ready for another flight.

The 30% scale mosquito of Gordon Nichols about to take off. Powered by two 3W120s.


A 20% scale mustang preparing for flight.

One of the three Wellington’s about to take off.


Steve Foxon’s 30% scale L4 taking off. Powered by a Zenoah 62.

There were three 17% scale B17’s that flew together.

John Townsend pushing his 50% scale Miles Magister towards the start up area. Powered by a King in-line twin.


Rick Steven’s FW190 powered by a 5 cylinder 215cc MacKay radial.


John Deacon’s Liberator being pushed out ready for another flight.

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