Cosford 2003

The show at the world famous Cosford Air Museum is, without doubt, one of the very best in Europe. This year’s show was particularly spectacular, many reports say the best ever. The show theme was a pageant, in celebration of the first 100 years of powered flight. The show started with a display of models of early aircraft and worked through the decades up to modern jet aircraft. The finale was a formation of the largest number of multi-engined model bomber aircraft ever seen.


The weather was great, hot and sunny. The public attendance was the largest the LMA has ever had at an event. Hopefully this report will serve as a reminder of a great weekend. Thanks to all those who came and supported the event.

A list of the pilots and models that flew is shown below.


Ian Turney-White: AVRO Triplane
Dave Tappin: Blackburn Monoplane
David Horton: Etrich Taube
John Stevens: Eindecker
John Parker: Depardussin
Ian Turney-White: Ponniet
Mick Butler: Nieuport 24
Harry Harland: DR 1
Ted Cooke: SE 5A
WWI Display Team
Roger Bale: Vickers Vimy
T Wall: Sopwith Pup
Tony Chaplin: Sopwith Pup
Roger Bale: Vickers Vimy
Tony Hooper: Avro 504


John Greenfield: Stuka
John Menhennet: Junkers JU52
Chris Poyser: Hurricane
Ted Allison: Hurricane
Steve Vodrey: Spitfire 1A
Andy Johnson: Wellington
Mike Rawlings: Wellington
John Greenfield: Wellington
Andy Wynn: Spitfire VB
Tony Hooper: Me110
Simon Askew: Lancaster
Richard Rawle: Mosquito
Karl Mander: Spitfire IX
Lance Bell: Fw 190
Ted Allison: Texan AT6
Liverpool Spitfires
Jon Horne: Spitfire IX
Pat Dare: Henschell 129
Phil Robertshaw: Heinkel 111
Chris Bland: Me 163
Kerin Taylor: Spitfire IVX
Ivan Jordan: Me 109
Richard Rawle: Spitfire
Steve Holland: Catalina
Stephen Carr: Vengeance
Phil Clarke: A24 Banshee
John Deacon: B24 Liberator
Steve Ogden: Hellcat
Phil Clarke: P47 Thunderbolt
David Arkwright: P47 Thunderbolt
Jason Webb: P47 Thunderbolt
John Webb: P47 Thunderbolt
Dave Johnson: B 17
Andy Johnson: B 17
Stephen Carr: B 17
John Greenfield: Hawker Typhoon
David Arkwright: Texan AT6
Phil Clarke: P51D
Ivan Jordan: P51D
Martin Waller: P51D
Peter Simpson: P51D
S K White: Bearcat
Ken Bones: Tigercat
Ray Slack: Skyraider


David Horton: Northrop Flying Wing
Tom Arkwright: Spacewalker
Steve Copson: Spacewalker
B W Foster: Piper Arrow
Greg Hayfield: Stolp Starduster
Dough Rigby: Knight Twister
D Langwade: Bell 47G Hellicopter
Chris Gale: Piper Cub
Pat Dare: Zlin Model 12
Roy Hill: Pzl Wilga
Robert Stevenson: Super Chipmunk
Mike Standing: Taylorcraft
Dave Johnson: Beech 18
Steve Johnson: Llett Chemllak
Gordon Whitehead: Piper Tomahawk
Dough Rigby: Hyperbipe
Chris Johnson: Cessna 182
D Langwade: Air Ambulance Heli
Chris Bland: DH Chipmunk
John Menhennet: Bristol Brabazon
Dave Womersley: Minicab GY20
Andy Wynn: Beechcraft Bonanza
James Morris: Pitts 12
Geoff Graves: Cap 232
Richard Gale: Studaker
James Moore: Extra 300
Steve Holland: Zlin Akrobat


Peter Siggens: Spirit Of St Louis
John Benham: Long Range Monoplane
Arthur Searle: Shorts Scion
Tom Arkwright: Fairchild PT19
Bryan Mole: Flybaby
A Frogatt: Aeronca Champ
Ralph Love: Tiger Moth
Tony Chaplin: Tiger Moth
Ron Ferre: Tiger Moth
John Townsend: Miles Magister
David Turner: Tiger Moth
Dave Womersley: Tiger Moth
David Horton: Miss Daisy Mae
Jeff Pearson: Bucker Jungmeister
Tony Woodhouse: Bucker Jungmeister
Keith Mitchell: Bucker Jungmeister
Dave Lowe: Turbulent
Dough Rigby: Klem 35DA
Sid King: Desford Light Twin
John Anslow: Lockheed Vega
Mike Standing: Piper Cub
Andy Johnson: Gee Bee RI
Steve Holland: Gee Bee R2
David Boddington: Schneider Racer
David Arkwright: Ryan PT 21
Mike Standing: Stampe
Martin Waller: Gladiator
Brian Rawcliffe: Chilton Racer
Steve Foxon: Piper L4 Grasshopper
Eddie Evans: Super Stearman


Paul Bellinger: F100 Supersabre
Mick Burrell: F20 Tigershark
Mark Leavesley: Starfighter
Dave Johnson: Vulcan
Gordon Nichols: Victor
Mick Burrell: DH110
Andy Johnson: F15
Dave Johnson: F15
Mark Leavesley: F18 Hornet
Andy Aitkin: Eurofighter Typhoon
Ali Mashinchy: L39 Albertross

In addition, to the pilots there are obviously many other people involved in arranging such a large event. There are too many to name, but we must certainly not forget to thank, Arthur Searl without whose massive efforts there would not have been a show at all. Also, I would like to mention Glenn Masters who arranged the flying programme and ensured the smooth operation of the pageant.

So what’s it like trying to organise transmitter control for all these pilots. Well the task is carried out by the reliable hands of Shelia and Dave. Here is Shelia in a quieter moment with just some of the transmitter boxes in sight!


As for the aircraft that flew, well it is impossible to include photographs of them all. The photographs below are just a selection of many of the superb models on view.

Please click image to enlarge.

Ian Turney-White’s 50% Avro Triplane. This model started the pageant. On Saturday in very light winds it flew great. On Sunday there was a cross wind and doesn’t this model hate crosswinds! Still, Ian successfully managed a short flight to get the proceedings off to a great start.


Thumbs up from Roger Bale as he prepares the 20% scale Vickers Vimy. This was designed by Dave Boddington giving a wingspan of 12ft and wing area 48sq. ft. The overall length is 100″ and it is powered by two 26cc Zenoah engines turning 18″ x 8″ propellers. It is covered in Solartex. Lance Bell helped Roger in many aspect of the construction and test flying.


One of several 25% scale Focker Triplanes.


John Townsend’s 50% scale Miles Magister landing.

Steve Holland has brought his Catalina out of retirement this year. It was nice to see it flying it again after several years ‘living’ in a barn.

Ted Allison’s 50% scale Harvard. This has a wingspan of 14ft and wing area of 28 sq. ft. It weighs 86lb. It is powered by a 3W-140cc Vegas driving a Smart 30″ x 10″ propeller. Futaba radio drives the model’s 11 servos and 7 functions using a 6V supply system.


Steven Carr’s B17.

Richard Rawle’s great two-seater 50% scale Spitfire.


The three Wellington bombers of John Greenfield, Mike Rawlings and Andy Johnson.


There were plenty of nice low passes too.


Sharon return Steve Hollland’s, Fiber Classics kit built, G-Bee to the pitts after flight.

What a nasty lot for the LMA can be! Dave Bishop, commenter extraordinaire, was persuaded to leave his commentary box to receive a presentation, or so he was told. The first photograph shows the presentation being made by Keith Mitchell and Dave Johnson. While this has happening John Greenfield was entertaining the public by demonstrating the LMA trainer, the Super Greenley. Before he realised what was happening, Dave Bishop was told it was his turn to prove he could fly models as well! He was escorted to the flightline where John was ready with a spare transmitter and buddy lead connected. As you can see Dave accepted the challenge and even managed a few aerobatics.


Steve Holland’s 50% scale Zlin was flown slowly, close and was fully aerobatic. This is a 15ft wingspan and wing area of 41 sq ft. It weighs 70lb. It is powered by a Desert Aircraft 150cc Boxer engine turning a 32″ x 14″ propeller. It is covered in Profilm.


A real treat to watch fly, a turbine powered helicopter.


A real fantastic model of a F100D Super Sabre by Peter Richardson.


There was a good variety of jets on show.

This trio of photographs shows Dave Johnson’s Vulcan taking off and in-flight. A fabulous sight………

Equally good of-course was Gordon Nichol’s Victor…………


…….and to cap it all, when they flew together they were very good indeed!

Finally, to complete the show there was the mass bomber fly past. A few non-bombers crept in as well, but they were all multi-engined aircraft in the slot. On Saturday there were thirty engines in the sky at once. The models were: B17 – Dave Johnson (4); Liberator – John Deacon (4); B17 – Stephen Carr (4); two Wellingtons from the Liverpool club (2×2); HE111- Phil Robertshaw (2); Catalina – Steve Holland (2); B29 – Gordon Nichols (4); ME110 – Tony Hooper (2); Ghost Squadron Wellington (2) and the Beech 18 of Glenn Masters (2).Andrew Brown’s photo gives an impression of the pilots box. Imagine that lot shouting low pass followed by and me, and me…….

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