Cosford 2005

Report by Chris Bland. Photographs taken by Chris Bland and Bob Marshall of the Bromsgrove Flying Club.

Another classic Cosford. Somehow this show keeps improving and every year has something new to offer. Many people have reported that they thought this was the best ever. There is certainly something very special about this show, the atmosphere is always great and this year the weather was just fantastic as well. It remains the best display of large models in the UK and due to the massive variety and participation probably the best in Europe, if not the world. To show what I mean I have used a lot of photographs to illustrate this variety and some of what was new this year.


Lets begin the review with the WWI slot. Here, we get as many 25% scale WWI models as possible flying together. Usually well over a dozen take to the sky. It makes for a great spectacle as the sky is full of models chasing each other and doing aerobatics. Remarkably, they don’t hit each other and the slot is exciting from the take-off to the landing when those that don’t nose over are given a round of applause.

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A popular model for the last couple of years has been this 17 ft C130 Herky-bird from members of the the Swindon club.


Dough Rigby’s 50% scale speedster is very agile in the sky and is flown very well. Its aerobatic performance is much better than the shape of the model implies.


At the request of some members we have a hospitality area for LMA members at most of our main shows. Here any LMA member can come flight-side and watch the show whilst sitting down and having a cup of tea and a cake. This civilised way to watch the show is a reason in itself to become a member.


At its first Cosford was Roger Bale’s Swordfish. I have never seen Roger fly so well as he does with this model. He gives a very realistic performance.


A few years old now, but still looking immaculate is this 50% cub, Mrs Copson is hanging on for her husband, Steve.

Another new model this year is this Dac. This again gives a realistic performance and with paint chipping off its aluminium covering looks battle worn as well.


The breadth of models that the LMA offers at its shows has certainly widened over the last few years. Here you can see a selection of the helicopters present……

….. and a couple of the larger ones in-flight.


During lunchtime for the last two years we have allowed the public to come and view the models close-up. We charge £1 for this and the money all goes to a RAF charity.


Jets are also now a regular feature. Here is one of the older ones that still everyone wants to watch fly, Dave Johnson’s Vulcan.

Talking of jets, for the first time we arranged for some full-size flying at the show. What can be better for this than a fly past by the Red Arrows. Not everyone can get these, it takes more than just money. We are extremely grateful to our President, Sir John Willis for arranging this for us. We did also have other full-size flying in the form of a Hawk and Tucano. They made a welcome addition to the show and we are already planning for next year. You can be sure to not be disappointed!

Returning to the model flying there was some spectacular aerobatic flying by James Morris and his ‘hovering pitts’ and Steve Holland’s Zlin. Both models are guaranteed to have the public coming out of the tradestands to watch.


Next we have a couple of these very nice three engined ‘corrugated’ models.

How about a jet powered Concord with a nose that does drop. A fabulous model flown by Ali Machinchy. I bet Richard Branson would fancy the colour scheme.

Now for a review of the evening entertainment. After the formal end of the show on Saturday evening the fun just continues. There is some flying of electric models that some say they enjoy the best. Flying off the peg all sorts of small models turn out and fly until dusk. This always attracts a crowd in itself, I must get some photographs one year, but I’m usually busy having a go myself.

Then there is the evening meal and retirement to the beer tent for a spot of socializing. This is always good fun and there is the added attraction of some ‘entertainment’. This year it took the part of a quiz and then later the ‘court’ was resumed to highlight the sins of a prominent LMA member. Given what happened last year, it had to be Keith Mitchell who was put through his paces and given the full treatment.

Here we have the LMA ‘heavies’, Dave Swarbrick and Dave Horton, on duty ready to arrest and being to account the guilty partner. Keith is also shown being ‘kept under control’ as the acquisitions and punishments are dealt out. It was certainly hilarious.


Back to the models, here we have a couple of turboprop powered models. As, I wrote earlier, there is certainly a little of every type of large modelling to be seen at this show.


The beautiful Comet of John Rickets landing. Watching this model you are treated to a fully realistic and professional performance from the taxing and take-off sequence right through to touchdown. As far as I am concerned, modelling at its real best.

There was a good range of large electric powered models on show this year. Here is a couple of models built by Roy Salter that are now flown by Andy Johnson and Chris Bland and the very large Lancaster of Tony Nijhus. The elastic bands on mine have now been strengthened!


More favourite models of many people are Richard Rawle’s Spitfire….


and John Greenfield’s Me262.


Here is Derek Whitfield pushing out the Skyvan for his son, Neil, to fly.


Another of the regulars at the shows is John Deacon’s Liberator.


This aerobatic display was performed by Greg Hayfield.


Of course, there is a good quantity of 33% aerobatic models such as Chris Johnson’s Cap.

The smaller, fast, Jets are also well represented. Here are just a couple.


Another old favourite is the Ghost Squadron’s Wellington. It is getting quite old now and must have had hundreds of flights, but still looks immaculate.

So then, what was the best in this year’s show? Well it is really hard to decide. A lot of people thought the Concorde and Comet were fantastic. For me there is just such a variety of excellent flying that you will have to come along next year and make up your own minds.

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