Cosford 2007

A set of photographs from Keith Mitchell and Tim Maggs showing some of the models and highlights from this years Cosford event.


Just part of the very busy flight line during Saturday morning, considering the the deluge we had the day before everything had dried out, however, it was not to last; Sunday reverted to the monsoon season with the event declared abandoned at 8:15AM


Dave Johnson’s, Vulcan and Airbus ready for the ‘off’


Bevy of bombers, Lancaster’s at the ready for the bombing raid!


A Bandit at full throttle only 24″ above the ground, not sure what speed it was achieving, but it was fast.


Very tidy picture of one of the four Lancaster’s doing a slow pass for the camera.


Dolf Schelvis is noted for designing and building superb and unusual models, not only has Dolf built this model of a Meteor, but he built both the turbines.


It’s the year of the jet, Ali’s Citation (new this season) with a Hawk. Both put on a excellent display.


Ali Machinchy’s Citation on finals.


2007 is the 25th Anniversary of the Large Model Association, as part of the celebrations we invited Sir Henry Cooper to visit us at Cosford and reminisce about some of the more amusing moments he experienced during his boxing career.


Just a small part of the enraptured audience who enjoyed Sir Henry’s talk, such was his popularity, that afterwards he was waylaid by a contingent of young (and not so young) ladies.


Well presented C47.


Vulcan ready for the off, with essential support crew in foreground.


John Townsend Magister and Roger Bale’s Hind in a “follow the leader” formation.


Another new model from Roger Bale, a superb Hind.


War bird line-up ready for their sortie, Emily Hooper just sneaking into the picture with her Mustang.


Just to prove that the good weather was not just in the morning, here is another shot of the flight line at midday.


John Menhennet’s Wart Hog


Just to prove the LMA is not just about fixed wing models, here is a beautiful example of


Still going strong after around a 1000 flights, Steve Holland’s Comet.


Ted Allison’s marvellous Hornet taxing out for it debut flight at Cosford. Sadly, later the same day it was destroyed when one of the engines cut during a slow and low pass.


Another shot of Dolf’s Meteor awaiting fuelling prior to flight.

A set of photographs from Keith Mitchell and Tim Maggs showing some of the models and highlights from this years Cosford event. Links to YouTube video’s at foot of this page

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