Cosford 2009

Cosford Event 2009 By Phil Dalton, All Photographs where provided by Neil Hutchinson

With over 150 pilots entered the slotting became once again quite a headache for the Events Committee. However, the introduction of 2.4Ghz has made the task a great deal easer with some 50% now operating on that frequency. It also provided some excellent spectacles with large bomber and fighter formations without the complications of frequency spacing.

One would need to go into too much detail to cover all the highlights and the flying shots should tell some of the story but there were some things that stand out as unique to this annual event.

We were treated to an excellent full size display on both days by Peter Holloway and his Old Warden based team – the icing on the cake was a well co-ordinated display with Peter in the full size Magister and our well known LMA member John Townsend with his ½ scale magister furnished in the same colour scheme. They taxied out together, took off, and flew round in good, safe formation with radio communication between Peter and John’s helper so that all procedures were co-ordinated and will organised. At certain distances it looked as though there were 2 full size Magisters in the air together!

The other main highlight was the full size Vulcan display which was carried out as a tribute to our late President Sir John Willis. Sir John was a very experienced Vulcan pilot and during his distinguished career he commanded the Vulcan operations at RAF Waddington. The sound of those Rolls Royce Olympus engines was something really special and you will be interested to know that some of the Cosford funding went towards a generous donation to the “Vulcan to the skies” team.

Our thanks must go to the many members who help to make Cosford so successful. These include the Events Team who work before , during, and after the show to keep things on track, David and Sheila in the transmitter tent, the Catton Flying Group ladies for providing the pilots hospitality and of course all those pilots who make this such a spectacular event.

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