Duxford 2003

This is always a great weekend at one of the most famous aircraft museums in the world. This year the event was moved from August to a new slot in June. As usual, on Saturday, there are full-size aircraft movements and so the LMA provides a static display. This gives members plenty of time for a chat and to walk around the fantastic exhibits. The weather was fantastic with a clear sky, light wind up the runway and hot. Care had to be taken not to get too sunburnt.


Each year there seems to a different full-size aircraft to keep us entertained doing some practice flying. This year the main displays were from a Fieseler Storch and Spitfire.


Overnight we are kindly allowed to leave the models in a hanger. This is of great benefit to those who bring along the larger models. They can still appear small though when placed next to the full-size!

Model flying took place on Sunday. This is the only LMA event of the year where spectators have the opportunity of entering the pits area to inspect the models at close quarters.This is always popular and several hundred people came and mingled with the pilots and their models. In fact, most people who came to the event paid the additional £1 above the standard entry fee to Duxford to get close to the models.

Below is a selection of photographs taken on Sunday.


The pitts area with members of the public enjoying the models.


Roy Salter’s 60% Bleriot. It did not fly as it is still undergoing flight testing as part of the over 20kg scheme and so cannot fly at a public event.


Ted Allison’s superb Harvard.


Steve Foxon’s 25% Hurricane, not yet flown.


Greg Hayfield starting his Starduster.


John Townsend checks over his Miles Magister in the start-up area.


John Greenfield stands over his newly built ME262. Still awaiting the final painting. John said this was the first time it had been properly assembled.


This 33%, 80″ wingspan Pitts S2A belongs to Roy Spence. It weighs 36lb and is powered by a Zenoah 62 mounted on a hydromount. The snakes really make the model stand out and were produced by a signwriter on vinyl. The model utilises twin receivers and two batteries with opto-isolators.


Greg Hayfield poses with his latest aerobatic model a Super Stinker Pitts 11. Powered by a ZDZ 210cc flat twin. Weight approximately 30kg.


A very nice 25% Stearman from a Flair kit.


This remarkable 50% scale of the 1918 Italian Pensuti was designed by Tim Druey. It is powered by a 150cc Suzuki engine that Tim found in a skip! It was brought along for everyone to appreciate. Tony Hooper was allowed to give it a short flight and it was the star of the show.

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