La Ferte-Alais 2004

Each year, in the last weekend of June, some LMA members take their models to France and one of Europe’s largest model aircraft shows – La Ferté-Alais, hosted by the IMAA. This show is just 30 miles from Paris at the Aerodrome de Cerny. Although this web site does not normally cover non-LMA events it was decided to make a departure to show some of the latest large models from around Europe. This was the 16th event and 270 models were registered. Thanks to Allan Squires for providing some text and pictures for this report.


I always have a soft spot for the ‘old timers’. This one is Walter Stache’s 40% scale model of a Focker Spinne. It weighs 24kg with a 4.3m wingspan. It is powered by a King 95 with a 32″ x 19.5″ propeller.


Herve Ferauche’s 50% scale Me109-G1. It has a wingspan of 5.2m, weighs 120kg and is powered by a 521cc Hirth boxer twin engine.


I also really like the 1930’s racers so I was pleased to see the Gee Bee and ….


Gilmore racer. This is another model at 50% scale. This is owned by Pascal Madieu with a wingspan of 4.2m and weighs 65kg. Powered by a Limbach with a reduction unit and 1.1m x 0.9m propeller.


An interesting ‘home made’ jet powered model. In the background is an 80% DR1. Powered by a Limbach 280 with a reduction unit and 50″ x 20″ propeller. It had a 4.4m wingspan and weighs 88kg.


Everything is on the mega-model size here! This is a 50% scale Laird Super Solution and was again built and owned by Pascal Madieu. Powered by a Limback 280 this 45kg model is pulled along by a Cadaillan 36″ x 14″ propeller.


What a model this F-86F Sabre is. At 4.08m wingspan and powered by two JetCat P160 turbines producing 32kg of thrust the 60kg model flys well.


Changing time slightly, back to a model of an early glider; an SG38.


Richard Rawle’s 30% scale Spitfire attracting the girls for an ‘official’ photograph.


The 30’s Stearman complete with ‘wing walker’. This model, again at 50% scale, was designed and built by Phillipe Peultier.


Of course, it is expected that some spectacular aerobatic flying will be seen. First an ultimate with effective smoke system and …..


later our very own Steve Holland’s Zlin with a contrasting slow yet precise display.


Finally, it was trophy time for the boys. Working left to right, awards were made to Ian Turney-White (best biplane for his Bulldog); Richard Rawle represented here by body double Allan (Taffy) Squires (best something for his Spitfire!); John Greenfield (best WWII for his Me262); Gordon Nichols (most complex model for his B52); and Steve Holland (best aerobatic for his Zlin). Taffy says that the cuddly toys did not win any trophies and are just publicity seekers who managed to get into the shot.

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