2020 Flyin Calendar & Booking Form

The calendar for 2020 LMA flyins so far is below. Attendance is open to LMA members only, to book for at all flyins except Binham please use the form at the bottom of the page. For Binham please use the contact details in the calendar (when dates are available).

The flyins with no contact name are run as part of the adjacent public show (so the day before the show).

Flyin Dates Contact
Elvington Flyin 11-12-13 April Dave Johnson
Buckminster 15-17 May Perry Lambert
Longhorsley 23-25May Ian Jones
Southport 13-14 June Dave Johnson
Cheddar 25 June 3 July Ron Bellinger
Cheddar 23-31 July Ron Bellinger
Cheddar 27 August-03 September Ron Bellinger

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