Article 16

The LMA Handbook updated on 27 March 2021 to include the Article 16 authorisation can be downloaded here

In December 2020, the Article 16 operating authorisation was published and can be read & downloaded here

When you fly from 1 Jan 2021, you will need to follow the rules in this authorisation.

In November 2019 the law changed requiring all model aircraft to have a registered Operator and a ‘competent’ Pilot.

To explain what it all means for LMA members, an article was published in the last issue of the LMA Journal and is available here. It also includes copies of the CAA exemptions you need.


More Frequently Asked Questions-

Q – I’ve got my operator ID, where is my Flyer ID?

A – You don’t need one as an LMA member if you have an LMA proficiency or Theoretical Proficiency and CAA exemption 1331 


Q- Isn’t it all going to change in July 2020?

A- There will be changes, but we will tell you exactly what they are as soon as the changes and what they mean for us are clear. For now, you don’t need to do anything else to remain legal or prepare.

Model flying as a member of an Association as of July 2020 will not be in the EASA ‘Open’ or ‘Specific’ Categories, it will be in accordance with an ‘Article 16’ operating authorisation held by by the Association. The contents & terms of the LMA’s operating authorisation are under negotiation with the CAA.  


Q- Is the weight limit for needing an exemption changing from 20kg dry to 25kg wet in July 2020?

A- Yes, but you don’t need to do anything now to prepare, there will be no changes to the inspection scheme (no load testing with bags of sand), and there will be no changes for existing models until their existing exemptions expire.


Q – Do I have to label my over 20kg models?

A – No, operator registration and pilot competency does not apply to the following ‘out of scope’ categories of models-

  • Models Under 250g
  • Models Over 20kg
  • Control Line Models
  • Models flown indoors


Q – Now I have my Operator ID number, does the LMA need to know the number?

A – No thanks

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