Over 400ft Flying Site Permission Application

The LMA can permit as part of the Article 16 operating authorisation that the height limit for model flying sites be increased over 400ft for model aircraft 7.5kg – 25kg and over 25kg.

A maximum height above ground level of 1500ft is the maximum that can be requested.

What we need to consider the application is-

1. The name of the model flying club
2. The name and contact details of the club nominated responsible person
3. The location of the flying site
4. A colour 1:50,000 scale Ordnance Survey map extract that must clearly show the layout of the site including:
a. Boundaries of the flying Area(s)
b. Any specific no‐fly areas
5. A rationale and safety case for the requested operation of large model aircraft over 400ft
6. Fully completed Flying Site risk assessment (template here)
7. Maximum altitude above ground level requested for flying large model aircraft
8. Type of operation Regular / Occasional / One‐off
9. If occasional or one‐off permission requested, the dates of the planned flying activity

Complete this form to make your application. If any help or advice is needed please contact secretary@largemodelassociation.com

    7.5kg-25kgOver 25kg

    PermanentOccasionalOne Off

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