Legal Model Frequencies in UK

With the recent introduction of 2.4GHz frequency at 100 mw output suitable for use on radio control model aircraft, it was deemed appropriate to publish the full range of legal frequencies available in the UK (this includes those for non-aircraft models) together with access to Ofcom relevant documents and UKRCC.

The regulatory body that controls these is called Ofcom, there are two relevant documents that provide detailed information.

First is: – RA69 – Radio Controlled Models Information Sheet.

Second is: – OfW 311 Radio Controlled Models.

Other useful information is on the UKRCC site – UK Radio Control Council.

The following table shows the current frequencies that are available for each type of model.

Frequency (MHz) Use Effective Radiated Power (mW) Number of Channels
26.96 to 27.28 General 100 32
34.945 to 35.305 Air 100 36
40.66 to 41.00 Surface 100 45
458.5 to 459.5 General 100 15
49.82 to 49.98 General 10 ?
Frequency (GHz)
2.400 to 2.483,55 General 100 80

The Large Model Association have released the following guidance for use of 2.4GHZ in large models. click here to view.

Other relevant information: –

  • The new 2.4 GHz radio system now approved at 100 mw across Europe, will NOT be permitted in France at more than 10 mw
  • In Spring 2007, 35.000 MHz and 35.010 MHz will be released for Aircraft.
  • In 2011, if five of the 41 MHz band are discontinued for Aircraft, then it is likely that 23 additional channels on 35 MHz frequencies will be permitted for Aircraft.

To see the French document with the details, click here

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