Are you Flying Legally?

Over the last few years the LMA Committee has been concerned about a few isolated instances where models have been eventually proven to be over the 20kg weight limit, but were not registered on the Over 20kg Scheme.

It is felt that this situation should be clarified as there may be some modellers who are unaware that even flying these models privately , rather than at shows , is still an offence under the Air Navigation Order (ANO). All aircraft (including gliders) over 20kg in weight are subject to an Exemption to Fly under the ANO.

To ensure that we are regulating this, within the LMA, please be advised that any aircraft entered for flying at LMA shows or Fly-ins where there is a possible doubt about the weight limitations will be weighed by the scrutineers appointed for that particular event.

If you have any doubt at all about your model please contact Tony Hooper our Chief Examiner & Safety Officer who will be only too pleased to assist you in rectifying the matter.  E-mail, tel : 07976 691 992.

To find out more about the over 20kg scheme “click here

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