Annual Authorisation Renewal

All over 25kg authorisations are now issued by the CAA for one year rather than the old exemptions that were valid for 3 years.

All exemptions expired on 1 Jan 2022 regardless of the expiry date written on them.

To renew your authorisation, please contact to request the renewal process, ideally at least a month before the old one expires.

You will be sent a pre-completed application form to digitally sign and need to pay the CAA application fee to the LMA by buying the product with the CAA logo in the LMA website shop above.

The application will then be sent by us to the CAA direct, and you’ll get the authorisation directly from the CAA by email.

Authorisations are only valid in combination with the LMA Article 16 authorisation, so you must be a current LMA member to legally fly an over 25kg aircraft.

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