Modification or Repair Notification

Significant modifications or repairs to over 25kg aircraft need to be notified to the LMA and inspected by an LMA inspector.

If your aircraft needs a significant repair, please notify the LMA by completing the form below before starting work so an inspector can be appointed.

Significant modifications or repairs are-

  • Any change or repair to the load bearing primary structure
  • Any change or repair to the load bearing secondary structure larger than 100mm in any direction
  • Any change or repair that will change the MTOM by more than 5%
  • A change to the radio control system that is not a functionally like-for-like replacement
  • An introduction of new control system functionality (such as installing a gyro stabilisation system)
  • A change to the powerplant or fuel system that is not a like-for-like replacement
  • If fabric covered, replacement of more than 25% of the covering


Over 25kg Significant Modification or Repair Notification

Major ModificationMajor Repair

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