Theoretical Proficiency Test

This Theoretical Proficiency Test is provided to allow LMA members who do not hold a full proficiency to demonstrate their knowledge of the basic rules that apply to flying model aircraft safely. Some of the questions cover the privacy aspects of using camera equipped aircraft as they are an important area of knowledge for the CAA. The CAA Dronecode gives the basic summary of the law, and the full CAA training material can be found here.

Once you have passed this test, it will replace the need to pass the CAA Drone Registration System test and a copy of CAA permission HERE along with your LMA membership document is all you need to show to demonstrate your remote pilot competence if asked by the police. 


LMA Theoretical Proficiency

There are 20 questions and the pass mark is 80%.

This test is for LMA members who do not hold a full proficiency to show their knowledge of the rules. Please enter your Name, LMA number and email address below.

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Which of the following must you check so that you can fly safely with a radio controlled model aircraft?

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Ernest flies his model behind a group of tall trees. His model is out of sight until it comes out the other side. Is this safe?

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Cyril wants to fly his camera drone over a flower show being held in a country field to get some good images from above. About 150 people are at the show. Which of the following is correct?

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Mavis realises she's accidentally recorded some video through a neighbour’s window when filming with her camera drone. What can Mavis do with the video?

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How could you check if there are any restrictions on whether you can fly at a particular place?

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When must you have insurance for flying your model aircraft under 20kg?

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You’re out flying in the countryside. There are lots of people around but you’re flying at a safe height. Suddenly you notice an air ambulance flying in the direction of your model. What should you do?

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Eric is out flying his model when it starts to snow.
What does he need to consider to stay safe?

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Which of the following statements about people who see you using a camera on your camera drone or camera attached to your model aircraft is true?

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You’re flying your model at your usual flying site.
You start to get worried that you might lose sight of your model in the glare of the low winter sun. What should you do?

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Three friends are talking about how they watch their camera drones when out flying. Which one is flying safely?

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Which of the following is one of the points you should check to make sure you can legally fly at a location?

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Vera decides that she wants to start using her camera equipped drone to film weddings for payment. Which of the following must she do?

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Oswald, Hector and Royston fly at a regualr model flying site in a field that adjoins an agricultural showground. There is an organised equestrian event on the showground for over 2,000 people. The three friends are planning to fly their model aircraft. Which of them takes off and flies safely?

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Which of these is the main reason for not flying above 400ft?

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Three friends have hiked up a hill that's 50m high.
They're standing at the top of the hill and deciding how high they can fly their models directly above them. Which of them is right (assuming they have no specific permissions against height restrictions)?

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When do you need permission from an airport to fly a model aircraft?

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Why should you keep your radio control’s built-in software (firmware) up to date?

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Three friends are talking about taking their model aircraft to fly in an empty field near to an airport. The field is outside the fence that marks the airport’s boundary. Which of the friends is correct?

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Choose the correct distance to complete this statement. Never fly higher than ________ above the surface without appropriate permission.

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