Large Model Association Airshow Terms & Conditions 2022

These terms and conditions apply to all areas of all Large Model Association airshows and public events, including public, public camping, pilots camping, trade and trade camping areas without exception unless marked otherwise.

1 General Conditions

1.1 Please check tickets & camping documentation carefully as soon as you receive them as mistakes cannot always be rectified later.

1.2 In case the entire event is postponed to an alternative date(s) all tickets, camping purchases or trade bookings will automatically be valid for the new date(s).

1.3 The Large Model Association will not refund or exchange any ticket, camping purchase or trade booking unless the entire event is postponed to an alternative date(s) or completely cancelled. All requests for a refund must be received by the Large Model Association within 14 days of the original event date(s).

1.4 Large Model Association airshows take place outdoors on potentially uneven farmland or airfields. You are strongly advised to bring appropriate clothing and footwear to protect against potential inclement weather. Take care, especially at night. Strong shoes for walking are a good idea – as is a torch after dark.

1.5 Where reasonably necessary, the Large Model Association reserves the right to make alterations to any published event or programme. Billed attractions are subject to change.

1.6 The Large Model Association will not be liable for any damage caused by adverse weather conditions.

1.7 The Large Model Association shall not be liable for any loss or damage you may suffer, due to the misuse or abuse of the site by you or anyone else.

1.8 Should you have a complaint in relation to the event please contact any show official promptly as complaints may be difficult to rectify after the event.

2 Vehicle Movement

2.1 The onsite speed limit will be either 5mph in all camping and parking areas or 20mph on roadways outside these areas. The limits will be signposted, and must be complied with at all times.

2.2 All roadways must be kept clear of stationary vehicles for emergency access; any vehicle blocking a roadway may be removed.

3 Conduct And Anti-Social Behaviour

3.1 The Large Model Association prides itself on running family shows. All persons are asked to maintain a high standard of conduct at all times whilst on site.

3.2 Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. The Large Model Association will not tolerate any threatening, abusive or insulting words or mannerisms, or physical abuse to any member of our staff, contractors, fellow exhibitors & traders or to patrons. Any person found to be acting in such a manner may be escorted off site and if so will be banned from attending future shows.

3.3 The Large Model Association reserves the right to remove any person for being found in possession of any prohibited item or substance; for acting under the influence of alcohol or drugs; for failing when required, to provide proof of identity or age.

3.4 The Large Model Association reserves the right to confiscate any item, which in our reasonable opinion, may cause danger or disruption to any other persons at the event. Without limitation, the following items may not be brought into the showground: laser pens; items which may be regarded as weapons; illegal substances; Chinese lanterns; quad bikes; mini motorcycles; golf buggies; utility vehicles.

3.5 You must comply with all instructions given by any show official.

3.6 Help us to continue to maintain a friendly, family atmosphere by reporting any case of antisocial behaviour to any show official.

3.7 The Large Model Association may prosecute if you cause damage to the event site, the event’s infrastructure or cause harm to any other person at the event.

3.8 Model aircraft may only be flown on the main flightline. Flying outside of the show opening hours may be permitted; the flying times and types of models that may be flown will be published at each show. Models may not be flown on any other part of the site at any time. Anyone flying a radio controlled model must be a member of either the LMA, the SAA or the BMFA.

3.9 Kites may only be flown in areas clear of people, vehicles, camping and the flight path of model and full-size aircraft. Lines must be no longer than 20m (60ft).

4 Alcohol

4.1 Alcohol will only be served to persons aged 18 or over, any person(s) who appear(s) to look under 25 will be required to provide identification for age verification as part of the Challenge 25 Scheme which is adopted on site for all Alcohol sales.

5 Smoking

5.1 In accordance with Smoke Free (Premises and Enforcement) Regulations 2006 all the Marquees on site will be No Smoking. No Smoking rules must be strictly observed in specified no smoking areas.

6 Refusal Of Entry, Searching & Ejection

6.1 The Large Model Association reserves the right to refuse entry to any vehicle(s) or person(s) without giving reasons.

6.2 In the interests of public safety, the Large Model Association reserves the right to search any vehicle(s) or person(s) entering or exiting the site. All searches will be carried out in-line with the Large Model Association Search Policy. Any person(s) who refuses to be searched will be asked to leave site.

6.3 Any person(s) who refuses to leave site when asked will be escorted off site in-line with the Large Model Association Ejection Policy

6.4 No Quad Bikes, mini motorcycles, utility vehicles, golf buggies, segways or hoverboards are to be used on the showground or in the campsites.

6.5 Disabled scooters are permitted but must have the appropriate Road Traffic act insurance if applicable.

6.6 Dangerous dogs and animals are not permitted on site. If any dog or animal is deemed to be dangerous, The Large Model Association reserves the right to ask the owner to remove the dog/animal from the site. Note:- Dogs generally are allowed at events but must be kept on leads at all times.

7 Security

7.1 The Large Model Association will use their best endeavours to protect the site. Security personnel will patrol the campsites 24 hours a day.

7.2 If you see anyone causing trouble please report it as soon as possible to any show official. Please provide as much information as possible as this will help when dealing with an incident.

8 Camping Regulations (All Areas)

8.1 Access to the site for new arrivals will vary from show to show but will be between 8am and 10pm only. If you arrive outside of these times you may be required to remain in the check-in lanes overnight until the gates open.

8.2 The vehicle section of your pass is valid for one vehicle only, either a vehicle towing a caravan or small camping trailer, a motorhome or campervan or a vehicle with a tent. Your vehicle registration number must be filled in on the front of the pass and the pass must be displayed clearly in the front window of the vehicle at all times whilst on site.

8.3 Failure to have your pass on display may mean that your vehicle will be removed. Security staff and Stewards will be checking passes, please make sure your pass is displayed in your window.

8.4 The camping section of your pass must be stuck on the front window of your caravan. If you have a tent this sticker must be stuck on the front window of your vehicle which will be parked next to your tent.

8.5 Please make sure that your portable toilet is emptied in one of the elsan disposal points provided within the campsite and not in the public toilets. Do not under any circumstances rinse your toilet at drinking water points.

8.6 All ‘gazebo’ type structures must be adequately secured to the ground.

9 Camping Regulations (Public and Pilots Camping Only)

9.1 A pitch can contain a maximum of one caravan, plus awning and towing vehicle OR one tent plus vehicle OR one motorhome plus awning. Should there be sufficient room left on your pitch, an additional small tent may also be erected.

9.2 You will be allocated a pitch that measures 6m (20ft) frontage by 7.5 m (25ft) depth. It is important that you keep within your pitch. If you think you require more space you should book an extra pitch.

9.3 All tents and caravans will be properly spaced according to strict fire regulations.

9.4 Do not set up on the campsite until you have been shown to your pitch by a campsite steward.

9.5 Campsite pitches can usually be reserved for family or friends. If you want to camp together you will need to speak to the camping stewards.

9.6 Any extra tents must be booked and paid for.

9.7 Due to limited space only one extra vehicle can be booked for each unit booked. No extra vehicles can stay on the campsite unless booked in advance.

9.8 All caravans must be parked with the towbar facing into the roadway. 3 clear metres must be left between your towing vehicle and the next unit to comply with fire regulations. This space must be kept clear of all obstructions.

10 Camping Regulations (Trade Camping Only)

10.1 All vehicles, awnings, tents, caravans etc. must be parked within the allotted space to allow a clear 1m (4ft) fire break between neighbouring trade pitches. A fire access lane must be maintained at the front and rear of the trade area.

11 Noise Regulations / Generators

11.1 Generators may be used on the campsites providing they are moderately sized and do not reach a noise level whereby they become a nuisance to adjacent Campers.

11.2 The Large Model Association will stop the use of any Camper’s equipment if, in their opinion, it is causing a nuisance to others or it is in a dangerous condition.

11.3 The use of generators, and outside use of televisions, radios, stereos or any other equipment that emits noise is banned from 10:30pm to 7am daily. At other times this must not exceed a moderate level.

12 Fire Regulations

12.1 To reduce the risk and spread of fire, please observe the required spacing between pitches, as directed by a camping marshal. Spacing must also be maintained between tents

12.2 Do not block fire access lanes with parked vehicles etc.

12.3 Each camping pitch should provide at least one fire extinguisher, manufactured to BS 5423 or BS EN3 and rated 13A (equivalent to a 9.1 litre water/gas expelled or similar dry powder extinguisher where gas appliances are in use).

12.4 Fuel burning cooking appliances including barbecues must be raised at least 300 mm from the ground, must not be stood directly on the ground and must be used at a safe distance from caravans, awnings and tents.

12.5 Fuel burning appliances must not be used inside tents or awnings.

12.6 Where fuel burning cooking appliances or barbecues are in use, a fire blanket must be provided.

12.7 Depending on site conditions, barbecues may not be permitted, and this will be clearly communicated before the event.


12.9 No open fires are to be lit anywhere on site.

12.10 When generators are used they must be situated a minimum of 3 m from any tent, caravan or vehicle. Generators must be switched off before refuelling.

12.11 Fuel must be stored in containers that comply with The Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014 (PCR) and all containers should be stored away from any potential sources of ignition and in a well-ventilated location.

12.12 In the event of a fire please evacuate everyone from the caravan or tent and raise the alarm immediately by ringing 999 and contacting a site official on 07827 675665 please state your exact location to also facilitate the smooth entrance and direction of the emergency vehicles.

12.13 Fire-fighting equipment is provided in the camping areas; only attempt to extinguish a fire if you are competent in the use of the equipment, and it is safe to do so.

12.14 In the event of an incident please follow the directions of show officials and ensure that your children remain with you and that they are aware of the dangers from attending fire engines.


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