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The Large Model Association (LMA) is based in the UK. Its members are interested in the designing, building and flying of large model aircraft.

This site provides details of the LMA’s activities. It has the latest information and reports on public displays and other events. Details are also included on how to become a member and of the LMA’s trainer/sport models and other merchandise.

The LMA’s events throughout the year raise money for numerous charities, and promote aeromodelling.

The content of this web site, articles, maps and pictures are copyright of the named individuals or the Large Model Association. They can be copied for personal use, commercial users must seek permission from the copyright holder, there may be a financial fee charged.

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LMA Article 16 Authorisation Improved & Upissued by CAA

The big news is that the LMA has been issued with an undated Article 16 operating authorisation by the CAA. Hooray!   The LMA now has the delegated authority from the CAA for-   Test flights of over 25kg model aircraft   In place of a CAA authorisation for flight…

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