Annual Authorisation Renewal

Annual Renewal

All over 25kg authorisations issued by the CAA were valid for one year rather than the old exemptions that were valid for 3 years.

All exemptions expired on 1 Jan 2022 regardless of the expiry date written on them.

When the CAA issued authorisation is due to expire, please fill in the form below to request an LMA Permit to Fly that replaces the CAA issued authorisation, ideally at least a month before the authorisation expires.

Provided all is in order, you will be sent by email a Permit to Fly valid for one year.

LMA Permits to fly are only valid in combination with the LMA Article 16 authorisation, so you must be a current LMA member to legally fly an over 25kg aircraft.


    Renewal Declaration

    By making this request I confirm that I am the operator of the over 25kg aircraft above, and for all these aircraft-

    - Any modifications or repairs have been appropriately recorded and inspected in accordance with the LMA Over 25kg Scheme
    - Every flight has been logged in accordance with Section 4.11 of the aircraft authorisation
    - The aircraft is flightworthy and has been maintained in accordance with the applicable maintenance schedule
    - All substantive maintenance of the entire aircraft system has been logged in accordance with Section 4.11 of the aircraft authorisation
    - Any occurrences involving the aircraft have been reported in accordance with Section 4.12 of the aircraft authorisation
    - The aircraft is indelibly marked with the LMA Registration Number in accordance with DR‐LMA‐3800
    - The aircraft is fitted with a working GPS Flight data recorder in accordance with DR‐LMA‐5400

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