Membership Information

The benefits of membership can be summarised as:

  • The camaraderie of a very friendly group of modellers containing some of the most experienced modellers in the country.
  • Receipt of a regularly published journal. This is sent to every member, all over the world.
  • Insurance of £25 million (Non UK members are insured when flying in the UK at an LMA organised event).
  • A detailed handbook is issued upon initial joining.
  • The opportunity to take an LMA Proficiency Test (Click Here). This is necessary for flying at shows.
  • The over 25kg model inspection scheme is free to LMA Members. Are you flying legally?
  • The opportunity to participate in the wide range of fly-ins and shows held around the country.
  • The possibility of waterplane flying.

Journal magazines

Joining the LMA is EASY!

You will need to agree to abide by the LMA’s rules and constitution here. You can join online here or by completing the membership form which is available here.

If you have any questions regarding membership then please use the contact form here.

Alternatively, you can seek out the LMA Tradestand which is at many of the major UK modelling shows.

The cost of joining the LMA is only £35.00 pa.


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