Richard Rawle’s Spitfire

This is a truly fabulous model of the immortal Spitfire. More specifically Richard has modelled it on the Caroline Grace two seat ‘trainer’ version. It is wonderfully finished with scale detail and Richard flys it with complete realism.


Almost unbelievably this is a picture of the model. The sound and everything about it is just wonderful.

Specification of the model

Construction Photographs

Richard is a modest builder and flyer, but is well known in the UK for his superb models and the modeling business he runs. The photographs below, provided by Richard illustrate the build process.


Just sheeted, the model can be seen to have some slab sides with formers to produce the final shape.


The light, but strong rear end.


The mould for the cowl was produced by scaling up a 25% scale version.


A detail picture showing the construction of the cockpit area.


Main construction now complete. Well it does fit in his lounge, just, and yes he does play the organ as well.


Initial coat of paint and sanding down being carried out.

Here are some pictures of the finished model.


The finished model at Haigh Hall in 2003.


A nice side view


Rear cockpit door open.


The detail on this model really is superb. Even the pilot is modelled on the real aircraft’s owner, Caroline. Hope she approves of the likeness!


Just taken off at the 2004 Longhorsley show.


Parked next to the full size at Duxford, it looks small although in perfect proportion.


Taken at the Longhorsley show 2005 the local air cadets gather around Richard’s model.

The original engine, built by Richard, produced 10hp and was a consistent runner. However, it is getting quite and for the 2005 season has recently been replaced.

At a chat with Richard at the Cosford 2005 show Richard gave me this great quote “I think it is a about time I retired this model, but people won’t let me”. Too right mate, this beauty needs to be kept flying for a long while yet.

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