Rick Stevens’ Focke-Wulf 190

The first version of the Focke-Wulf 190 flew in 1938 and was fitted with a BMW 139 fourteen cylinder radial air-cooled engine. However, it was quickly replaced by the improved BMW 801 engine. This engine was substantially heavier and required some modifications to the airframe, but resulted in an excellent aircraft. Initially, the Reichsluftministerium was not convinced that an air-cooled radial engine could be used successfully in a single seat fighter and requested a liquid-cooled engine (this version later became known as the long nosed Fw 190D). The radial engine though was extensively used and became part of an immensely effective fighting machine. The Fw 190 was fast and had excellent flying characteristics. It was very successful in attacks against southern England and against the Spitfire V. By the end of the war more than 20000 Fw 190s had been built.

Rick’s Model

Rick’s aircraft is modelled on that of Walter Nowotny who operated on the Eastern front in 1943. He is reputed to have scored 258 “kills”. The model is a Fw 190 version A6 built to quarter scale.




The construction is built up of balsa and ply then skinned with epoxy and glass cloth.

The spar is a ply and carbon fibre composite structure since the undercarriage is mounted directly on it.

The spinner was moulded in carbon fibre.

The undercarriage is electric using the motor from a cordless Bosh screwdriver with 3.6v batteries. This drives a 25:1 worm and wheel through an irreversible gearbox. This is connected to the undercarriage legs by carbon fibre push rods and bell cranks. Retraction takes 5 seconds. Micro switches are used to indicate the extremes of the travel.


The radio system is based on twin Futaba PCM receivers with the channels split between the receivers. Four battery packs are used.

The paintwork is matt cellulose with a satin lacquer finish. Colours were supplied by John Greenfield.

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