Haigh Hall 2003

This first event of 2003 was held on Sunday 16th March. This is an opportunity to meet up with friends after the long winter and to discuss new and current projects.As always,there was a warm welcome for everyone whether or not they are LMA members.There is plenty for the whole family to do with large grounds to explore and play facilities for the children. There are also a few shops and places to buy food and drink. Enough to keep everyone happy for the whole day. Entry is even free.

Photographs by Richard Gale and Andrew Brown.


Visitors arriving at Haigh Hall.

Upon entry to the Hall visitors can see a good variety of new models and ones under construction. Although perhaps not quite as many as usual, this display (at which everyone is invited to participate) always gives rise to good topics of discussion. The models are open to close scrutiny and the builder is usually on-hand to answer questions or discuss alternative construction techniques.

In addition, there were three very interesting seminars given by eminent modellers. The titles were:

These were very well attended and the busy ground floor of the Hall was almost emptied as most people went to hear one or more of the presentations.


All of this is organised by Arthur Searl. A man of many years experience and enjoyment of modelling means that he also is the man behind the main event of the year, Cosford. Where does he get his energy from ?


As you may be aware, the LMA has recently changed the colour of its clothing to blue. Here Sharon and Joan display some of the items you can purchase at the LMA events.

The selection of pictures below show some of the fine models on display.


Dave Johnson now has his 14% scale, 1985 built, Vulcan fitted out with two Australian TJT turbines. The model has 11 high powered metal geared servos to control elevons, rudder, nose wheel, lights, wheel brakes and retracts. At this meeting the model had yet to be flown, but it has now had a few flights with the words fantastic being heard by people who have seen and heard it. Watch out for this at the larger events. The little one, electric powered, doesn’t quite have the same presence does it!


Dave Horton (on the left) brought along his almost completed 50% scale Fokker DR1. The model features working compass and fuel gauge. Dave is well known for his preference for glow engine power to petrol. He obviously loves the Dr1 and has several 25% scale models already.


This 33% scale (10ft wingspan) Spitfire was designed and built by Richard Rawle. It is powered by a Zenoah 120cc boxer twin.


Dave Orme brought along his latest model, a recently finished 33% scale, Stampe 4B. Built from an enlarged Svenson kit plan. Weight 38lb with a 10ft wingspan. Powered by a 3W 75 engine. Not yet flown.


This new Velox model is 50% scale yet weights 19kg. It is powered by a ZDZ 210 boxer twin so vertical performance is certainly expected!


A fabulous model of a 14% scale F100D Super Sabre. Built by Ian Richardson. It has a wingspan of 5ft 9in and length of 6ft 11in. Dry weight is 28lb. Powered by a AMT Pegasus engine giving 27lb of thrust. Just look at the cockpit detail below…………….


……………….. how long did that take to produce!


A nice Ryan


Phil Guy showed the structure of his Vickers Vimy, and a great structure too. He uses fine cut spruce and pine to build the structure, including the ribs. The wingspan is 120" and it is planned to power the model by two 90 4-stroke glow engines.


This model is a 33% scale model of a DH2 with a wingspan of 114" owned by Ian Redshaw. It was designed by Kevin Wesley having been scalled up form a Windsock datafile. The model weighs 16kg and is yet to be flown. It has a Zenoah 62 installed with a belt reducer from Mike Reeves. This enables a 30"x11" propeller to be turned.


This nearly completed 114" wingspan Black Widow was built from a Nick Zeroli plan by Pete Siggins. It weighs 47lbs. Robart retracts are used with sequenced doors.


Dough Rigby stands by his latest creation ?

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