Aircraft Resources

This section lists sites which contain detailed information which could be of use to the modeller. There are thousands of sites dedicated to full-size aircraft. The aim of this section is not to list everything, but to collect together the most useful ones.

Bristolfighter-sunset Aircraft Pictures
The images on these pages are original photographs, taken by Steve de Roeck. They are low resolution, web versions of the high quality images which are available for purchase directly from the photographer.

Steve is a retired airline pilot with a keen interest in photography. Both his flying and photography have taken him all over the world on assignment.

1000pics 1000 Aircraft Photographs
There are probably more than 1000 photographs on this site. The nice thing about it is that it isn’t full of the usual Spitfires etc, but includes underrepresented aircraft that may give you inspiration for your next project.
links.2 Interview of Captain Donald Macintosh
Royal Air Force bomber pilot of a Lancaster bomber in 1944. it’s a spellbinder, all 14,300 words of it – written with revealing honesty, imagination, insight and candour; download as a PDF or an audio download of the actual interview by Alastair, editor of
aerodrome Aerodrome
Building a WWI plane? This site contains an excellent history of the aircraft of the era.
aerofiles Aerofiles
A large reference site on US aviation.
aeroplane Aeroplane
The website of this popular magazine. It has a lot of useful information and a good events calendar.
An incredible resource of information and photographs of airliners. In-fact many other aircraft are included as well.
airnet Airnet
This site is a massive general aircraft related resource list of links.
air-scene Air-Scene UK
This site contains a set of illustrated of reports on current full-size activities in the UK. It covers news items and reports on displays.
Aviation History
This is a general site containing information and pictures for a wide range of aircraft. Worth a look if you are seeking inspiration for your next project.
fleetairarm Fleet Air Arm Archive
A great resource providing substantial details of all the aircraft used by the Fleet Air Arm.
imagenetion ImageNetion
This site contains many sketches of ‘glamour girls’ that can be used to develop nose art for aircraft of WWII vintage. This is a large site containing several thousand pictures. One of the best areas to look in is the pin-up section. Here you will find the excellent pictures from the famous artist Alberto Vargas. Others in this section are also worth looking at!
kiwi Kiwi Aircraft Images
This New Zealand site developed by Phillip Treweek provides a lot of detailed pictures of aircraft and including detailed “walk arounds”.
military Military in the US
This is a general USA military site. Of particular interest is the resources section which contains a comprehensive set of links to USA museums.
mustangs MustangsMustangs
This website is about err Mustangs. There is a good collection of photographs and a lot of information for those interested in this famous aircraft.
ppwwii Planes and Pilots of World War II
This is an interesting US site on aircraft and pilot recounts.
RAF History
This is a real excellent resource. It contains a great amount of information including drawings, cockpit details and videos you can download. Also, includes details on the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.
RedBull Air Races
This website shows some remarkable video clips of the Red Bull world series races. It contains a lot of information for builders of aerobatic models. Watch out though, you must have a fast internet connection to view this site.
skycorner SkyCorner
A Russian site that has an English version. It has a particularly good selection of detailed drawings of aircraft. These can be downloaded as zip files.
Stalag 13 Aviation Links
This site has approximately 10000 aircraft related links. It is a good resource to start with when searching the web.
warbirdalley Warbird Alley
This is another good site based in the US. The site is structured into reference pages containing details and pictures of warbirds. It also provide links to other sites on the aircraft being examined.
warbirdresource Warbirds Resource Group
This is a collection of seven sites. The best section is the Luftwaffe Resource Group which contains many detailed pictures and specifications.
warbirdrestoration Warbirds Restoration
This site has a collection of full-size drawings and documentation that may be of interest to modellers of WWII aircraft.
rosebuds Rosebud’s WWI Aviation Image Archive
This is a fabulous resource for pictures of early and WWI aircraft. You could spend hours here! There are hundreds of pictures of aeroplanes, some showing horrific crash sites. The links from this site are also very interesting.
zeno Zeno’s Warbirds
This is an excellent resource for WWII aircraft. There are many scale detail drawings. See the ‘more neat stuff’ section for diagrams of cockpit interiors and instrument panels. The site also contains a lot of videos that can be downloaded for free. There are many good links worth exploring.

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