LMA Insurance

Summary of Liability Cover

One of the benefits of LMA membership is the insurance that is provided. This is a third party Public Liability policy, that covers all LMA members when they are flying in the UK (non-UK members are covered when flying at LMA organised events).

The LMA membership card give a summary of the cover, along with guidelines of what must be reported, and what to do in the event of a claim,or potential claim.

The total level of cover provided is £25 million. The summary only details the base ’layer’ of cover; there are additional layers of cover that would come into force automatically in the event of a claim, which take the total level of cover up to the £25 million.

If you have any queries about this summary, or any other aspect of the LMA insurance, please contact the LMA Secretary, Rob Buckley. secretary@largemodelassociation.com

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