LMA Insurance

Summary of Liability Cover

One of the benefits of LMA membership is the insurance that is provided. This is a third party Public Liability policy, that covers all LMA members when they are flying model aircraft of any size in the UK and on temporary visits anywhere else in the world other than the USA and Canada. (Non-UK resident members are covered when flying in the UK only).

Your LMA membership document that can be downloaded from the members area gives a summary of the cover, along with guidelines of what must be reported, and what to do in the event of a claim or potential claim.

The total level of cover provided is £25 million. The summary only details the base ’layer’ of cover; there are additional layers of cover that would come into force automatically in the event of a claim, which take the total level of cover up to the £25 million.

If you have any queries about this summary, or any other aspect of the LMA insurance, please contact the LMA Secretary, Rob Buckley. secretary@largemodelassociation.com

2022 Insurance Policy documents and details-

LMA Members Public & Product Liability Insurance Policy Document

LMA Members Public & Product Liability Insurance Certificate

LMA Members Public & Product Liability Insurance Product Information Document

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